I voted to cut red tape on small businesses so they can grow and hire more workers.  I also supported laws making Tennessee more attractive to manufacturers and the new jobs they create.  

Thanks to Tennessee’s business-friendly climate, we are one of the top three states for businesses.  We are experiencing record low unemployment and have some of the lowest taxes in the country.  Tennessee has the lowest debt per person in the U.S.

Protecting The Vulnerable

Fighting for Tennessee’s children and abused mothers is important to me.  I was the prime sponsor of a law increasing the prison sentence for statutory rape by an authority figure.  I voted for greater protections for domestic violence victims and tough new laws against human trafficking.  I’m proud that Tennessee is now considered to have the strongest laws in the country against human trafficking.  


Increasing competition will unleash market forces and drive down the cost of health care.  I want to reduce the role of government and insurance companies in the decision-making process.  Patients, in consultation with their doctor, should make health care decisions.  You can count on me to always protect the doctor-patient relationship.  

I remain an opponent of Obamacare expansion in Tennessee.  Obamacare is failing.  If our state were to expand Obamacare, taxpayers could be on the hook for untold millions of dollars.  Governor Lee’s block grant proposal is promising alternative.  His plan would take decision-making out of the hands of Washington bureaucrats and permit Tennesseans to shape a health care program that works best for low-income citizens.  


I voted to fully fund K-12 schools, including an increase of $261 million in new funds for schools in 2016.  I supported $55 million for teacher pay raises in 2018 and will vote for more money for our public schools and higher pay for teachers this year.  Tennessee is now ranked the fastest-improving state in education.  

Budget and Taxes

Each year during my tenure, I supported fiscally sound, balanced budgets for our state.  The legislature has increased the Rainy Day Fund to its largest balance in history.  This will come in handy at a time when our economy is not as strong as it is today.  I also voted to:

  • Cut the sales tax on groceries
  • Abolish the death tax
  • End the gift tax
  • Phase out the Hall Tax on investments


During my time in the House of Representatives, I’ve been honored to be endorsed by:

  • NFIB—the voice of small business
  • Tennessee Firefighters
  • Tennessee Right to Life
  • National Rifle Association

Americans for Prosperity recognized me as a Taxpayer Hero for my votes in support of fiscally responsible budgets and lower taxes.  

Conservative values. Tennessee common sense.